Hyzer vs Anhyzer

Disc Golf Hyzer vs Anhyzer

The angle you release a disc is one of the more critical components of a good disc golf throw. And there are main ways to release a disc broken down into 3 unique nicknames. There is hyzer, flat, and anhyzer. These terms can be used to describe every single forehand and backhand shot.


What is hyzer?

The angle of the disc when the top of the disc is facing away from you and the edge of the disc closest to you is higher that the edge furthest from you.

What is anhyzer?

The angle of the disc when the top of the disc is toward you and the edge of the disc closest you you is lower to the ground than the furthest edge.

This will be broken down into 5 main parts

Backhand hyzer

Forehand hyzer


Backhand anhyzer

Forehand anhyzer

Backhand Hyzer

The backhand hyzer is the most popular throw in all of disc golf. Due to the backhand having distance over the forehand and hyzer being the most consistent way to throw, its no wonder that you’ll see players going to this shot more than any other.

What is a backhand hyzer?

 A backhand hyzer happens when you throw a backhand and the edge of the disc that is closer to you is higher than the edge of the disc further from you.

How do I throw a Backhand hyzer?

To throw a backhand hyzer you need to start low end high. To paint a picture, on your reach back, you want the disc to be at stomach height and your follow through to be shoulder height. You also need to make sure your wrist is angled for the edge of the disc furthest from you is toward the ground. It is also helpful to lean into the angle with your body. For this throw it will help if you lean forward a little bit to allow more room for the motion.

Forehand Hyzer

While you may catch a few pros here and there who don’t throw a forehand, there is no denying that knowing how to throw both forehand and backhand makes you a much more well rounded player. The forehand comes with a lot more torque on the disc meaning you need to throw forehands on hyzer more often.

What is a forehand hyzer? 
A forehand hyzer is a forehand throw in which the part of the disc closest to you is higher that the part of the disc further away. You are putting the top of the disc facing away from you.
 How do I throw a forehand hyzer?
You need to visualize keeping the disc angled the entire time you are touching it. This throw is dependent on your wrist being angled correctly.  Leaning forward with you whole body will also help get the angle needed.


Attention beginners! This throw should be you main focus off the tee. You should be taking slow discs that fly straight and throwing them until they go straight for you.

How do I throw flat?

When you throw, you need to think about keeping everything at the same height. Your reach back and follow through should look like they are sliding across a table. 

How do I know if I’m throwing flat?

If you are throwing discs that fly straight when thrown correctly, and throw them straight. These discs, by the way, should be putters or mid ranges. When i started, my straight mid range was a DX Roc3.

Backhand anhyzer

The backhand anhyzer is most associated with throwing rollers however its got a couple other times where its a very important part of the game. 

How do I throw a backhand anhyzerz?
 For the backhand anhyzer its the most important to get your whole body into it. When you throw, lean your whole body back and release the disc with the part of the rim furthest from you higher than the part of the rim closest to you. 
What is a backhand anhyzer?
 A backhand anhyzer is a shot that is released backhand and out of your hand is turning to your throwing arm side due to the angle you released the disc on.
ex. a right handed backhand will turn right out of the hand.

Forehand Anhyzer

The forehand anhyzer is more of book work in terms of learning this one. This is because you don’t use it too often. Usually either you are throwing from a horrible spot or your forehand sucks.

What is a forehand anhyzer?

A forehand anhyzer is a forehand that is released on an angle that sends the disc turning immediately in the direction of your off hand. 

How do I throw a forehand anhyzer?
First, you need to grip your forehand. Then, put the disc on an angle so the top of the disc if facing more toward you. The part of the disc you are holding should be lower than the part of the rim furthest away from you.

Now there is more ways to throw a disc but these 5 will be 98% of the throws you will see out on the course. The 5 angles covered being, backhand hyzer, forehand hyzer, flat, backhand anhyzer, and forehand anhyzer. With this knowledge, you can go out to the course and sound like you know what you’re doing a little bid more now.